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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Teachers/Librarians: Bring Melvin to School

I really like going to school, because it means I can  share my story and listen to your lost balloon tales.  I also like to hear how you feel about colors. We can have a lot of fun doing activities together.

So this year, I got Heather to join the Writers In The School (WITS) program. This is a program sponsored  through the Nova Scotia Writer's Federation.

If you're a teacher or school librarian  in Nova Scotia, you can go onto the  Writer's Federation website to find out more about the program. On September 15th you can go onto the website and book Heather to come to your school this year. Heather and I will have information up on the Participating Author's page in September. 

For now, you can still check out the program, figure out a good day for you and your classes, and be ready to book in September.

You can also go to Heather's website to find out more about us or to book a visit directly through us

I think school should be fun and I'm happy to help!


Melvin Moon

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Sweet Shack & Bach Bar": A Chakra Book For Adults

Melvin has been helping Heather work on a book for adults so they can read about Chakra's and colors too. This one is a Creative Non-Fiction novella (short novel).

With the aid of Wise Woman Counsel, a talented cat, a bit of magic, and of course, the moon, characters are eased through chakra development with Bach Flower essences. With "try this at home" recipes for each of the chakras this book is food for the body as well as the soul.

Click here to  pre-order your copy of  "Sweet Shack and Bach Bar".

Monday, August 22, 2011


I was feeling very creative from all your orange colors so I got Heather to try out a craft to make a pinata using a balloon.  We had a lot of fun.  It's pretty messy and Heather was covered with flour and water and glue. That's part of the fun! You can find the instructions on the blog

You have to be pretty patient to make this craft because it takes a few days to dry. Make sure you are safe when you are hitting the pinata too!

You can use the same activity to make lots of things other than pinatas.  You can cover the balloon with more layers of newspaper and make a globe of the earth, or a moon!!!

If you only cover half of the balloon with newspaper you can make a mask. Leave holes for your eyes. This might be fun for Halloween.

Use your own sense of creativity to make something that makes you feel really good.  If it turns out great- let me know!!


Melvin Moon

Activity # 5 Balloon Pinata

Activity # 5:  Make a Balloon Pinata

Pinatas are a Mexican tradition for celebrations. Melvin likes them because you can make them using a balloon. You can make a pinata in whatever shape or design you want. They are a great way to use your creative powers! But beware!  This can be a messy craft and you need to do it over a couple of days to allow drying time. You also have to be careful when hitting the pinata that you don't hit anyone else!

Things you will Need:

1 balloon
strips of newspaper
2 cups of flour
3 cups of water
glue (white craft glue works well)
colored tissue paper
string or ribbon
Candies, light weight toys, erasers, treat surprises of your choice
paint (optional)
paint brush (optional)
blindfold (optional)

1. Blow up the balloon and tie the end.
2. Mix the flour and water together to make your paste
3. Rip the newspapers into long strips
4. Dip the newspaper strips into your paste and place it on the balloon. Cover the balloon with the strips leaving a hole at the tied end of the balloon.
5. Set the balloon aside to dry.
6. Place 2 more layers of newspapers over the first allowing time in between to dry.
7. When the final layer is dry, pop and remove the balloon.
8. Paint your paper balloon if desired.
9. Glue the strips of tissue paper onto the paper in the design of your choice. If you don't paint your paper balloon you can use a paint brush to cover it with glue and then attach the tissue paper to the glue. Fringes in the tissue paper help make your pinata look festive. You can also attach ribbons or other light objects to the pinata. Be creative!
10. Fill your pinata with wrapped candies, or light weight toys. Layer the candies with balled up strips of tissue or newspaper so the surprises don't all fall out at once.
11. Punch 2 holes on either side of your opening and attach the string through the holes. Or you can wrap the pinata in ribbon like a present, bringing the end of the strings up to the top, so you can hang the pinata.
12. Tie your pinata to a tree branch, clothesline, or hook, leaving lots of room to swing.
13. Take turns using a stick to hit the pinata. To make it harder, you can blindfold the person swinging the stick so they have find the pinata. Stay well away from the person swinging but guide them so they don't get hurt!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Melvin's Thoughts about Orange

Whew!  I made it through a bunch of meteor showers and the appearance of a comet without any damage. Because of all your red colors, I felt very brave and strong through it all and shone my brightest ever on the full moon night.  Now I'm in a "wanning moon" phase. It looks to you like I am getting smaller. I'm not, I'm still here- it just looks that way.

Since I feel strong and brave, and have some time to think before the new moon, I'm thinking about your orange colors. Heather tells me that's the color for the second chakra.

Orange makes me feel independent and creative. When I have lots of orange around me I can do things on my own. I don't  do things just because other moons are. I also don't do things just because other moons are bugging me, or telling me I should. I do things because it feels right for me.

I don't see a lot of adults wearing orange or choosing that color much. Sometimes I think they get too busy to be creative. Too bad.  Kids really like orange.  I can even see some orange painted walls on teenagers' rooms down there! Good for you.  If you want to do things all on your own- choose orange and see how you feel.  You might make something really great!

I'm feeling so creative, I'm working on a craft idea. It's a messy one! Stay tuned. If it works out, I'll get Heather to post the instructions on my blog.


Melvin Moon

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Red Balloons for Protection

I am getting ready for a full moon night on August 13th. It will be a pretty big night because it's also a big meteor shower night.

Good thing I've received all your lost balloons. I've needed the colors lately. Thank you for the red ones in particular. There have been a lot of meteor showers this summer. Your red balloons have helped me feel safe.

I guess some of you will be getting ready to go back to school soon. If going to school feels as scary to you as a meteor shower does to me- wear something red. Red socks or shoes work really well Heather tells me!

I'll be shining down on you and protecting you. I'm always up here, even during the day when you can't see me!


Melvin Moon